Body Scanning is the future of healthcare

With the aid of 3-D colour coded images and models a non invasive assessment of body organs and systems can assist your Naturopath better identify and understand potential health issues. The body scan provides fast and precise algorithmic measurements of your physiology, biochemistry and body functions. Some of these measurements evaluate:

• Cellular activity

• Circulation

• Blood flow and neurotransmitter levels in the brain

• Hormone interstitial estimations including thyroid, cortisol, leptin
• Oxygen and hydration levels

• Functional risk of: digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, urogenital, endocrine systems

• Oxidative stress markers

• Insulin and blood sugar markers

• Body Composition including BMI, fat mass, water retention, muscle mass and phase angle.
and, much more.

As a monitoring device, it is quick
(5mins to test), painless and radiation free.

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