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We are a Maroubra based clinic with a team of qualified and professional practitioners who are highly experienced in their chosen health modality and are ready to help you with natural therapies.   These modalities include Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Massage.

In addition to assisting all general health needs for you and your family, we also have a special interest in assisting couples with natural fertility treatments, pre and post natal wellbeing.

Vicki Turner


Naturopath / Herbalist / Nutritionist / Homoeopath

Machelle Boothroyd


Acupuncturist / Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner


Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Maroubra

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Fertility & Preconception



Body Scanning

Children's Health


HSC Support Program

Pre-Conception Care

IVF Support




Immune Health

Stress & Sleep

Supporting busy Lifestyles

We have many years experience assisting women and men to optimise their health for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth.  This can include working with women with PCOS, Endometriosis, history of miscarriage, general hormonal imbalances such as PMT and PMS, sperm health and stress relief.

We offer specific IVF acupuncture support along with safe nutritional and dietary recommendations.

A special time with its own challenges that can be supported with acupuncture, massage and nutritional medicine.  We offer dietary advice which is especially important at this time.

Care of your little one's digestion, immune system, allergies, skin, sleep, behaviour and concentration is well supported with nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicine.  These are all well supported also with acupuncture, especially children experiencing anxiety and stress.

Naturopathic philosphy see's digestion as an underlying cause of many health complaints.  Therefore, naturopathy and nutritional medicine is key to ensuring good digestive health for all metabolic processes.  Our Interstitial Body Scanner provides feedback on areas affected by poor digestion.

We are here to support you with herbs, nutrients and acupuncture through the cold/flu/hayfever season and to address more chronic autoimmune system diseases.

We all experience periods of heightened anxiety and stress and lack of or poor sleep.  These may be successfully supported with our natural therapies treatments.

We at Health & Fertility Matters say "High Lifestyle requires high maintenance".  Talk to us today about how we can support your busy lives.

Some of our most commonly treated conditions/areas include:

Vyara Kaneva

(Dip C.Hyp;Dip NLP;Dip EFT)

Hypnotherapy/NLP/EFT Practitioner

Health & Fertility Matters