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At Health and Fertility Matters we are experienced in addressing your precious children's health issues.

Many children's nutritional diet needs reviewing and discussion to ensure optimal health and assist with poor appetite or picky eaters.

By using our clinical Naturopathic Medicine, Homoeopathic and Acupuncture skills we can treat gently and effectively with these natural therapies:

Asthma and Allergies  These can be caused by environmental influences, food, stress and in the case of asthma exercise.

Skin Disorders e.g. eczema  It is really important with skin disorders to review digestive health, diet, allergies and stress levels.

Immune System A robust immune system will assist your child in spending more days at school and less at home!! This is an important area of your child's health as preventative medicine to minimise use of antibiotics for coughs and colds.

Digestive Disorders e.g. constipation, flatulence, bloating and food intolerances

Sleep Disturbance  If your child has a restless disturbed sleep this can significantly influence their behaviour and emotional state.

Emotional and behavioural imbalances including ADD, ADHD and ASD.  Nutritional diet, herbal and nutritional medicine, acupuncture have been shown to assist in this area.

  (with MINND and DAN accreditation).

Children's Health