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HSC Support Program

This is a support program based on each individual's needs for:

-   stress / anxiety / depression

-  self belief / self esteem / fears

-  sleep issues

-  headaches / migraines

-  concentration and memory

-  diet / lifestyle

-  immune system

-  digestive problems

-  any other health issues

Choose from any of the health modalities offered or a combination:

-  Naturopathy: herbal, nutritional, homoeopathic medicines,

   diet and lifestyle advice

-  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

-  Hypnotherapy


With over 27 years of clinical experience, Vicki is one of Sydney's leading well respected Naturopaths.  With her son embarking on the HSC studies in 2016 she feels the need to support and assist the health and wellbeing of students who are finding the physical, mental and emotional challenges of these final years challenging and stressful.

Vicki's specialty modalities have been demonstrated in research to support and treat children and adults who need assistance with:

-  Stress, anxiety, depression

-  Sleep problems

-  Headaches and migraines

-  Concentration and memory

-  Diet and lifestyle

-  Immune system weakness (colds, allergies, chronic fatigue)

-  Digestive disturbances

-  Hormonal discomforts

-  And other specific individual health issues

Acupuncture: How might acupuncture help HSC students?

Diet and exercise are the two most important areas to focus on.  A good diet and the right amount of exercise (for you) will ensure good sleep, good absorption of nutrients resulting in good energy levels and ability to concentrate.  However, we all respond different to additional work load and stress so should you feel additional support is needed acupuncture may help as follows

Stress -  Acupuncture is probably best known for it's relaxation effects.

Sleep – it is well known and supported with many research studies that acupuncture may assist with a good night's sleep, be it trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep or just feeling like you had a good sleep.

Energy - Chinese Medicine practitioners identify “Patterns of Disharmony” and aim to resolve them, thereby supporting your innate healing ability to return you to wellness.  This enables your energy levels to remain at a good level and your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to be balanced.

Digestive System – often our digestive system is the area where signs of overwork or stress are expressed. Acupuncture is well known for it's ability to assist with the function of the digestive system.

Immune system - Should a cold or flu occur during or around exams you may want to consider using acupuncture to clear the congestion in the head or phlegm from the lungs relieving head cold symptoms and associated headaches. This will assist the return of energy levels and allow you to continue your studies.

iques to relieve muscular and fascia restriction and discomfort during pregnancy as woman experience that their uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby. The recommended time to start a Pregnancy Massage is after the first trimester to labor and post delivery.


Hypnotherapy is well proven as a significant clinical tool to improve your study habits and perform better in exams.  If you feel disorganised in your study, you'll find that poor habits are overcome, your attitude will change and you'll become enthusiastic about learning.

Hypnosis helps with focus, study and recall.

How can hypnosis help you with studying? Clinical hypnotherapy for study and exams will:

-  promote a calm and relaxed mindset allowing you to make the most of your study time

-  increase your ability to concentrate when learning,  listening or reading

-  keep you focused on your study and the outcomes you want

-  increase your confidence

-  promote better recall and memory

-  stop you from procrastinating and;

-  motivate you to study

What improvements in exam performance can you expect after hypnotherapy?

-  increased ability to remember

-  anxiety free allowing you to perform at your best

-  you'll think clearly under exam conditions

-  you will feel calm, confident and relaxed during exams